Dates: Aug. 15-17 2019
Venue:Shanghai New International Expo Centre(SNIEC)

Subject: Comfort, environmental protection, lightweight and intelligence
Held by:
Ministry of Commerce, P.R. China
Hosted by:
Info Convention & Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
National Technical Committee of Auto Standardization
Peak Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Support Units:
Ministry of Science and Technology
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
China Auto Parts & Accessories(Group)Corp.
Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (Group)
China Polyurethane Industry Association
China Engineering Plastic Association

With the increasing popularization of automobile consumption, consumers propose higher requirements for automobile products: energy conservation, beauty, safety, comfort, intelligence and environmentalprotection. Automotive seat gradually develop towards lightweight, intelligence and environmentalprotection. And the innovation of automotive seat plays an important role in environmental protection, comfort, beauty and intelligence of auto industry.
In the largest automobile market in the world, how will the enterprise participate in domestic and international division of labor and competition with global vision? This is a realistic problem. In order to adapt to the demand of productquality improvement, promote the enhancement ofautomotive seat innovation and processing technology level in China, accelerate the industrialized application of new products and new technologies, we hereby recommend “2019 China International Automotive Seating Innovation Technology Application Exhibition” and we hope that you can find answers through this platform.
CIAIE is the sole national automobile industry exhibition based on the principles of internationalization, professionalization and marketization. International visitors from 39 Associations of Automobile Manufacturers in 17 countries and regions, such as China, German, America, Britain, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Spain, Canada, Australia, Italy, India, Iran, Pakistan, the Philippines and Taiwan, have participated in CIAIE.
Domestic visitors of CIAIE are mainly from over 1,000 brands, such as SAIC Motor, Foton of BAIC Motor, GAC Group, FAW, Beijing Benz, BMW Brilliance, Volkswagen, Shanghai General Motor, Beijing Automotive Industry Holding, Beijing Hyundai, BYD AUTO, Chery, Great Wall, Xiali Automotive, Geely Automobile, Harbin Hafei Automobile, LiFan, Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile, JNQ, Hongta, Youngman Yunque, TT Auto, Zhengzhou Yutong, Oman Heavy Vehicle, Beijing Automative Technology Center, Bosch Group, DENSO Corporation, Delphi Automotive, Magna, Beijing BAI Lear Automotive, Dongfeng Motor Parts & Components, Hebei YOGOMO, Jiangsu Dao Jue, Yanfeng, Adient, Faway, Valeo, Faurecia, Delphi and Wanxiang Group. CIAIE covers the visit, communication and negotiation of application, research and development, and design companiesrelated to traditional automotive main engine plant, new energy finished automobile, electric automobile manufacturing, research and design institutions, aviation engine, interior and exterior automobile decoration, and automotive electronics. During the exhibition, relevant activities, such as “Seat Innovation and Technology Forum, and New Technologies and New Products Launching”, were held.The exhibition also received the support and praise from industry associations, relevant governmental institutions.

Seat plates:
Seat assembly of passenger vehicle, seat assembly of commercial vehicle and passenger car, safety seat of automobile, safety belt and various automotive seat, transportation seat system, etc.
Supporting and processing:
Relevant seat function parts, such as seat frame, regulator, height controller, motor for seat, seat slide, seat airbag, ventilation and heating system, actuator, sensor, electronic technique and spring, as well as technologies and equipment (polyurethane material and equipment, laser processing and welding, cutting equipment, metalworking machinery, pipe processing machinery, etc.) for manufacturing and processing seat
Applied materials and new technologies:
Steel materials and alloy materials for seat, welded tube, seat-cover fabric, leather for seat, microfiber leather, artificial leather, high polymer material, polyurethane material, modified plastics, engineering plastics, accessory ingredient, resin, stripper machine, high-performance non-metallic materials, and various automotive seat application materials

■The exhibition booth fees and arrangements:two forms of standard booth and empty field for exhibitors to choose as required. 
Standard booth fee:(note: double opening and 20% open fee)


Jointventure/foreign-funded enterprises

Standardbooth (3m*3m)

USD 3000/9m2/Period

Bare ground (36 m2)

USD 300/m2/Period

Standard Booth Fees: including exhibition site, 2.5m high wallboard, fascia board, nine square meters of carpet, a negotiating table, two chairs, 10A/220V single-phase socket, two spotlights.
■The empty site without any display rack and facilities, the exhibitors can arrange by yourselves the special renovation work or recommended building company by commissioned by organizational unit
Advertisement:(Conference sponsors fiery recruited, detailed sponsorship program available on request)
In line with the exhibitors during the exhibition publicity and let customers know the exhibitors and communicate with the exhibitors after the exhibition, organizing committee carefully printed conference catalogue and distributed to the professionals, and the industry department, agents, vendors, user units, research institutes, associations and other units, the enterprise can journal publish in the journal layout and on-site advertising companies according to the specific circumstances.(Catalogue specifications:210mm×285mm)





Front Cover


Full Color Page


Back cover


Black and white page


Title Page


Company Profile


Inside Front Cover


Ticket Ad(ten thousand pieces)


Inside Back Cover


Breast cards (ten thousand )


Inside Front Cover (Day)


Scroll (strip)


New technology conference, New product promoting, Seminars
During the exhibition period in CIAIE 2019 Organizers plan to develop a series of Auto Interiors,Applied Materials & Processing equipment and Products conference, New product promoting conference, product seminars.the exhibitors can get priority right to sponsor the conference, the related company can independently determine report content,shall be responsible for the relevant documents. Each sponsor companies can set the number of audience invited.
★If enterprises need to arrange such activities, please contact the organizing committee in time, so as to arrange better time period. 
★Every charge ¥25000 RMB, time for 45 minutes (including all kinds of facilities, propaganda expenses, etc)

International influence for the convenience industry With CIAIE exhibition, showing the strength of enterprises, enhancing the brand image, the organizing committee will specially set up exhibition sponsorship scheme.
Efficient CIAIE exhibition sponsored program will bring you more business opportunities before show, in exhibition and after exhibition to enhance the exhibition results. Four levels are set up:the diamond, platinum, gold medal, silver medal (detailed program available on request ). sponsors will receive the following benefits:
● Contact with more target customers through effective market exposure 
● To obtain a higher exposure than the competitors 
● Participate in the industry event with the attitude of the industry leaders 
● Enhance the brand image and awareness degree
● A new platform for networking, to increase trade opportunities

1. Enterprises confirm the participation, fill out the Application Form and the official seal and by fax or mail to the Organizing Committee; 
2. When Organizing Committee receives the confirmation application form, exhibitors will be in 5 working days transfer the 50% exhibition charge or the full amount into the Organizing Committee account and fax remittance certificate to the organizing committee in order to check, otherwise shall not be reserved booking booth; 
3. Arrange the booth by principle of "first application, first pay, first arrangement";

Info Convention & Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


2019年8月15日 - 17



8月15日    上午9:00 - 下午18:00

8月16日    上午9:00 - 下午18:00

8月17日    上午9:00 - 下午14:00